Benefits of An IN YOUR HOME Pet Sitter

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Have you ever wondered if there was a better alternative to traditional boarding or kenneling for your fur baby? 

Well, there is! Pet Sitters N More has offered an in your home pet sitting service to the Houston and surrounding areas for nearly 25 years!

The way it works: 

  • A professional pet sitter comes into your home to care for your pets when you are away on vacation, business, or working late.
  • Your pet will receive a lot of love and attention while you are away.
  • Your pet sitter will feed, water and clean up after your pet as well as walk your dog or clean out the cat box as requested.
  • We can provide medications or injections to your pet as needed.
  • We also provide mid-day potty breaks and dog walks for when you work long days.


What is the BENEFIT of having an in home pet sitter?

  • Our primary goal is to minimize disruption to your pet’s routine while you are away and provide love and attention to your baby.
  • Your pet sitter provides services in order to maintain a “lived in look” for the home. We often rotate lights on and off for our clients. We also get the mail and water the plants.
  • Our service was developed as a positive alternative to inconveniencing friends, neighbors or family.
  • Each pet(s) and home’s needs are different and these needs are customized and met according to the owner’s specifications.
  • We can provide a professional back-up should our pet sitter ever become incapacitated or unable to care for your pets.
  • We are bonded and insured.


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What about COST?

Our fees include everything! We do not charge extra for play time, dog walks, and your pet is already in the comfort of their own home. The risk for your pet contracting a disease is also reduced because they are not coming in contact with other pets.

  • The average cost of one pet sit is about the same rate as an overnight boarding in a traditional kennel.
  • At a boarding facility, you will have to pay additional fees for extra play time or longer walks. You also have to pay extra for “fancier” kennels with TVs or dog beds.
  • We do not charge extra for medications or injections
  • If your pet does not get along with other pets, then they might have to be confined alone the entire time you are gone. Many of our clients have rescue dogs that do not socialize well with other dogs so boarding/kenneling can be a challenge and a traumatic experience for their dog.
  • When your pet socializes with multiple other pets in a large boarding facility, there is a risk of disease spreading from one pet to another. This can put your pet at risk especially if they have sensitivities to disease.
  • You will still have to find someone to water your plants, get the mail or rotate the lights at your home. With an in home pet sitter, we take care of all these needs.


We provide all these services and tender loving care for your fur baby! We hope you will consider an in home pet sitter and Pet Sitters and More the next time you plan a vacation or need to go on a business trip.

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Hiring – The Woodlands, Spring and Tomball

pet sitters n more

Do You LOVE Animals?

Are You Looking for Part-Time Employment?

Do You Want Flexible Hours?

If so, we are looking for highly qualified individuals who have a passion for animals, animal welfare, customer service, and dependability.

Currently we have a need to service clients with pets in

  • The Woodlands
  • Spring
  • Tomball
  • Magnolia

If you reside in either of these locations, please continue to read the qualifications below and consider applying for this amazing opportunity.

 Successful Candidates Will Possess the Following Qualifications

  • MUST ENJOY ANIMALS! Pet and Client needs come first; a successful candidate will not only possess a true desire to care for and spend time with animals, they will also possess excellent customer service skills.
  • MUST BE DEPENDABLE and ORGANIZED! Candidates must be able to follow detailed instructions, have the ability to organize information and prioritize tasks.
  • MUST BE ABLE TO RECEIVE FEEDBACK and Re-DIRECTION with a positive attitude! Candidates will be working with a variety of clients and pets, each with their own special set of needs. Candidates must be willing to accommodate these requests with a smile.
  • MUST HAVE GREAT WORK ETHIC! Let’s face it pets can be messy! Candidates must be willing to clean up the mess!
  • MUST TAKE INITIATIVE WHEN “STUFF” HAPPENS! Pets can be unpredictable especially when “mom and dad” are away! Candidates must take the initiative to use good judgment and sometimes go above and beyond written job duties in order to maintain safety, cleanliness, and most importantly happy pets & clients.
  • ABILITY TO WORK FLEXIBLE HOURS! Candidates will have the option to work flexible days and hours based on the client and pet needs. Candidate must be willing to work holidays as these are our busiest times.
  • Basic knowledge of animals and their behaviors.
  • Background checks will be performed.
  • We take pride in our committed and long term pet sitters who have been with us over the years! If you are looking for a short term position, please do not apply.

The position will be as an independent contractor providing in home pet care visits for clients while they are away.  Each visit is approximately 30 minutes and the duties include dog walks, accident clean up, litter box clean up, playtime, mail/newspaper retrieval, watering plants, etc. as requested by the client.

Each assignment is different. Therefore, each job will vary based on the client and pet needs. Also, there is no guarantee of hours or number of assignments.

To apply, please send your resume to

Please include the area in which you currently reside. If we feel you are a suitable candidate, we will require completion of a more detailed application.

If you have questions or would like more information please call, 281-955-6116

 **If you have previously applied, please do not reapply**

Splish Splash! Dog Water Safety Tips


I think it is pretty common for most people to assume all dogs just know how to swim thru some kind of survival instinct…it’s called the doggy paddle right? Well not really. In reality not all dogs are naturally good swimmers, not all dogs like the water, and some dogs swim for survival not for fun.

poolAs a general rule, dogs with flat or short noses, short legs and long bodies and even heavy dogs will not be good swimmers.

dog float

While throwing your little brother in the pool might seem like fun on a hot summer day, throwing your dog in the pool (or any body of water) might terrify him (it might terrify your little brother too but this blog is about dogs).


Did you know that dogs can get motion sick on a boat? II had no clue until it HAPPENED!! I took my dog Ben on a pontoon boat on Lake Conroe when he was about year or two old. Ben LOVED the water! I knew he was going to have the best day of his life! However, it turned out to be a night mare! He was sick the entire day! It was a mess! In addition, I had no life vest for him and no alternate plan.

ladderBefore you take your dog on a boating excursion, first be sure you have a life vest, second be sure you have confirmed he can swim and last, if your dog gets “sea sick” , be sure you have a plan to take to him to a safe place while you enjoy the rest of your day!

green lifevest

Do you already know your dog loves to swim? Does he love to chase the ball or stick in the water over and over until your arm feels like it might fall off? Is it difficult to get your dog out of the water because he is just in doggie heaven? My dog is all of the above! In fact, he doesn’t know when to stop! As his dog mom, I have to set the parameters!

frisbee beachWhen my arm tires from throwing the ball or the stick in the water, then I know he is tire  d too whether he knows it or not. See dogs don’t understand “tired” so it is our responsibility as dog parents to determine when enough swimming and chasing is enough. Dogs can drown so treat them just like you would a kid and give them breaks.

Also, dogs don’t understand “cold” water. So if you are cold in the water, then the dog is cold too! Get them out!


Be sure your dog has plenty of fresh water! Salt water has bacteria and salt that can make them sick. Pool water is chlorinated, and lake water can have bacteria and algae. Try to discourage your dog from drinking and should they vomit or get diarrhea, you should call your vet.


You should also rinse your dog off after they have taken a dip in the pool or swim in the lake or ocean as the salt, chlorine and bacteria can be harmful to their coat or be ingested. If your dog loves water, then he probably wont mind a little doggie shower at the end of his swimming adventures!

The ASPCA recommends the following safety tips:

  • Don’t leave pets unsupervised around water—not all dogs are good swimmers.
  • Heat from the sun is more intense around water.Watch your dog for signs of sunburn or heat stroke, and keep him off hot sand as it can blister paws.
  • Buy your dog a life jacket—and use it. Just like with people, it’s easy for your pup to develop a cramp in her leg, become exhausted too far from shore, or, in rivers or oceans, get overwhelmed by tides.
  • Rinse your dog off after swimming to remove chlorine or salt, as well as bacteria or dirt she might pick up from a pond or lake. Be sure to remove wet collars to prevent hot spots.
  • Try to keep your dog from drinking pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals that can easily cause a bellyache.Water from lakes, ponds and rivers should also be avoided as it often contains nasty parasites that cause vomiting, diarrhea and other health issues.

beach run

In addition, here are some other good reads on water safety for your dog:

Water Safety for Dogs; About Home

9 Must Read Tips to Keep Your Dog Afloat,

Ten Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs, Embrace Pet Insurance

Dogs Water Safety, Web MD

Keep Your Dog Safe Around the Pool, Lake and Ocean; Petsmart


Pet Sitters ‘N More wish you a safe and happy summer with your pets! If you decide to leave your pet behind when you go on vacation, please consider in home pet sitting. We would be happy to schedule a consultation. Call us at 281-955-6116 or email

Whizzes and Bangs! Keeping Your Pet Safe on the 4th of July

Going to the beach, the lake, a BBQ in the back yard this 4th of July?


This picture is of my oldest dog Ben at the beach a few years ago. Yes I know he is adorable…well maybe that is just because he is my baby! But, all of my dogs love the water and I try to take them with me whenever possible! However, on the 4th of July, I plan to leave them all at home for their safety!!

I have three Border Collies, Ben 12, Tito 9, and Zoe 9 months. All three react differently to loud noises such as thunder or fireworks. Ben is the most scared! He hides in the closet and even though he is a big dog he sometimes tries to squeeze himself under the bed.


Tito likes to run through the house like a raving lunatic chasing the noise barking as loud as he can. Tito will also chase the sparks off a fire, grill and even sparklers!! Both dogs pant heavily as if they have just finished a marathon and yet they haven’t gone as far as the front door! You can see Tito’s big ears and eyes eagerly await an opportunity to find trouble!

Zoe, well she is a crazy girl and full of never ending puppy energy, but thankfully, she has not picked up on these insecurities yet. In fact I purposefully try to keep her away from both of her older brothers in hopes she will not learn these behaviors.


During this 4th of July, I have to prepare ahead of time for all three of my fur babies to keep them safe! My vet decided that medication is best for Ben and Tito and will also help Zoe from picking up on these scared behaviors. If you have concerns about your pet being scared, be sure to talk to your vet about the different options available.

fireworks scary

Did you know that July 5th is the busiest day of the year at pet shelters? Because pets like mine that get panicked and scared at the loud whizzes and bangs from fireworks, if not kept safely indoors, can flee from their homes getting lost, injured or even killed. Fireworks are SCARY! Protect your pet by making a plan now!

I’m sure all of you have similar stories you could share with us about how your pet might act crazy or scared when they hear loud noises or see sparkly things. We want to know your funny stories and even your not so funny stories. We want to know what you do to protect your pet.

Please share them below in the comment section to help another pet owner learn more about pet safety.


We have taken some time to find some very interesting and helpful articles on pet safety on the 4th of July. Please read more on this topic by clicking the links below and keep your pets safe!!

Pet Sitters ‘N More wishes you and your PET a Happy and SAFE 4th of July!